For Indivi­duals
Seeking Immor­tality

Speech Center VR is the first VR educational platform that helps you to become a better communicator through a series of interactive VR lessons real-time time lectures with top coaches, and the ability to practice solo — all in unique, immersive and responsive virtual environments.

Learning methods:

Interactive VR lessons
Group lessons
Guest speaker events
Lectures with coaches in real-time
Educational meetups
Offline practice

Customizable Avatars

Create your own avatar that will represent you in virtual classrooms. Customize it the way you like: choose your own skin color, hair style and color, eyes, clothes, and many other things to make your avatar look like you. In addition to the 100,000 customizable variations, you can also choose from several fictional characters.


Dive into 20 highly-detailed and animated environments to work on a group project, to practice your speech, or to meet-up with friends. You can also use the rooms to meditate after practicing a speech, to contemplate how you might improve for next time.

How VR enriches

VR makes the users an active part of the learning process, thus allowing them understand the subject “inside-out”.
VR allows users to interact with the environment thus remembering the material faster and better.
VR transforms learning into an engaging, game-like process, which makes it more interesting
VR’s power of immersion allows to command the user’s full concentration.
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